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Transportation Programs

WyoTech offers career technology program training that can help accelerate your education goals.

Check out our career technology training programs:

Automotive Technology Program Training

Today’s cars and trucks demand a different kind of skill to be repaired and maintained than those of yesteryear. Automotive technicians (mechanics) are required to have a deeper understanding of the science and technology that keeps them ready for the road. In our Automotive Technology program, you’ll spend quality time in the classroom and then take your skills to the shop floor to show what you know.

View the WyoTech Automotive Technology Video

Collision Refinishing Technology Program Training

Collision/Refinishing Technology training at WyoTech is the program of choice for those who enjoy repairing and painting and the satisfaction of restoring a vehicle from the ground up. Every day you’ll work with people who have similar goals and career aspirations.

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Diesel Technology Program Training

Today’s world of diesel is far more than just trucks; it’s the driving force behind much of today’s technology. If the thought of working on big rigs and heavy construction equipment like hydraulics, bulldozers and cranes comes to mind, WyoTech is the training you need.

We can give you hands-on experience on a number of well-known and respected diesel engines and power systems, including top names such as Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and more.

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Motorcycle Technology Program Training

There are a lot of hot bikes on the road today. If you like wrenching it up, WyoTech’s Motorcycle Technology program can impart the specialized skills and training you need to compete in the industry.

Students in the program take specific core courses and then choose a concentration in one of the following areas: Asian Motorcycles, European Motorcycles, or Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. Off-Road Power is a concentration option as well.*

*Specific course content varies by campus and by concentration. For complete program information, please refer to the school catalog.

View the Motorcycle Technology Program Training Video

Marine Specialist Training

WyoTech offers an exciting Marine Specialist program that allows a student to take their mechanic knowledge and training in the marine industry to a whole new level. Training consists of four core courses with two additional courses in one of the following concentrations: Advanced Marine or Off-Road Power.

View the Marine Technology Specialist Video

Throughout its history, WyoTech has kept abreast of industry standards and equipment. With the kind of technology training that reflects today’s dynamic workplace, opportunities and options for careers, the ability to command a competitive salary and plan for a better life can be within range for those who graduate from one of our industry-specific programs.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed a program, and other important information, please visit our website at